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Colorado Trail Challenge (486 Virtual Miles in the Summer of 2021!)

Start in June 2021. Last day to sign up is July 1. Your Town, CO 80200 US



During the challenge (June-Sept) run, jog or walk as many miles as you desire each day.  Log your miles through our online tracker and it will compile your daily miles into a cumulative total and show your progress along our virtual Colorado Trail route!  When you join a TEAM of up to 6, all of your miles are compiled to show total progress.  If your buddy in Vermont hikes 10 miles today while you run 5 miles in Washington, your daily total is 15 miles of progress along the trail!

WHEN should I run this?

You can run this ANYTIME you desire in June, July, August & Sept.  With just 90 days to complete the challenge, that's a little over 5 miles PER DAY.  Get going!  We're 'officially' starting groups every MONDAY and you'll get to indicate which week you want to start as part of your registration questions.  However, if it takes you 94 days instead of 90, we aren't going to cut you off or shut you down.  We just want you to MOVE and be active!!

WHERE should I run this?

That is 100% your choice. 

How do I report my TIME?

On the morning of June 1, the virtual results submission link will be active.  You’ll be able to submit YOUR time through that link until the end of September.  Record EVERY run you do through the link and your miles will be added up along the way!  See the TRACKING page for more details.

Are TIMES verified?

No.  For the virtual event, times reported are on the ‘honor system’.  You do NOT have to post a time in order to log your distance.  You may enter that you completed 10 miles and NOT enter an associated time.  Your time will show up as "NONE".

WILL RESULTS be posted?

You bet!  Starting the afternoon of June 1, preliminary results will be on the RESULTS page of the website, showing every participant's progress!  Hybrid Challenge racers must log both a ride and a run before their results will push through.  To see the progress of teams, click on the team name in the results screen.

Will participants be rewarded based on PERFORMANCE?

No, because participants are running in different locations, times, etc. we will not award anything based on performance.  See next question regarding prizes!

Will there be any PRIZES?

YES – EVERYONE who registers for this event will be placed in a drawing for a $25 gift card from a local business.  Winners will be announced on 9-1-21.  One winner will be drawn for every five registrations!  You have a 1 in 5 chance of winning $25. Winners will receive a gift card to their choice of local business from our list as indicated at time of registration.

HOW will I get my SWAG?

It will be sent through USPS at the end of August.  If your address in your RunSignUp account is outdated, please update it now.  Click on Profile where you may then edit your personal details.   If your address is not in RunSignUp, you may add it now.  Likewise, you may email

WHEN will I get my SWAG?

Swag will start arriving at your location the week of Sept 1.

I was selected to win an extra prize through a social media contest.  When/how do I get that prize?

Physical prizes will be mailed at the end of August / start of September with your race swag.  Digital prizes will be emailed whenever you earn them.

How do I Manage My Registration?---------------------------------------------------

You can make many many changes on your own through your RunSignUp account.  Here are some tutorial links to guide you through the process of each on of these self-service updates to your registration!

​To update your personal info (fix a typo in your name, change your email address, etc): MODIFY PROFILE

Update your shirt size (your "giveaway"): CHANGE SHIRT SIZE (You can do this until July 1, and then sizes are settled.)  For a size chart, view the swag/size page on this site.

Change type of challenge (event.)  Run to Bike, Bike to Hybrid, Hybrid to Run, etc. CHANGE EVENT

Did you accidentally delete your confirmation email with all the race details or need a receipt? No worries! You can send yourself a new one: RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL

Add new members to your challenge team:  All members must be signed up for the same type of challenge (RUN, BIKE or HYBRID).  You may JOIN A TEAM during or after registration is complete.  Here is Michelle's video tutorial just for you on how to join an existing team after you're already signed up!

Would you like to hide your name from public lists? BECOME ANONYMOUS

Do you need to reset your RunSignUp PasswordRESET PASSWORD


The BADGES are so cool!  How do I get mine?

They are automatically earned and showcased in your TROPHY CASE on your personal results link!

My Coupon Code/Gift Certificate/Voucher is not working! Help!
Thanks for your patience, this is an easy fix. First, DO NOT complete your registration. Please email us the voucher/coupon code, a little info on where you got it, and if applicable, a picture of the voucher/gift certificate. We'll get back to you shortly and look into why the code may not be working!

Where does the money go? (The following is taken directly from the 3W Races website FAQ page:)

3W Races is a for-profit company with five employees and a dozen part timers. 100% of employees live, work, play and raise their families right here in Colorado. Racer registration fees pay for the expenses of the event which include permits, insurance, music licensing, SWAG, port a johns, timing chips, bibs, tents, tables, trucks, generators, arches, signage, sound system, cameras, websites, storage, computers, graphic design tools, food, ice, water, trash and recycling removal.  It also pays for the staffers, police and paramedics who work with all of that equipment on the course and at the expo area on race day. 
Unlike 'charity races' that are run by volunteers (which we think is pretty cool for the races that pull it off well!) 3W pays its professional staff to give racers a professional experience.
("Professional Experience means many things including: we start on time, we tell you what you need to know in advance of the race, we know the answers to your questions, our race directors are certified, we know USATF rules, we use technology to be accurate in our operations and communications, we offer premium, gender specific swag/t shirts featuring the event name and not a host of business logos, we have permission to operate when and where we do, we measure courses to the correct measurements, we offer lively music and announcements appropriate in a family atmosphere, we post finisher times online in real time, we use back up timing systems to catch errors or misreads, and we say please and thank you.)
And, unlike 'charity races' that receive many of their swag and food items as donations or get reduced fees on city services, 3W pays for the elements of the race.  3W pays for its swag.  (And pays taxes on it.)  3W pays for items you see, eat, hear and keep on race day.  Your race registration fee is how we do it! 

For this virtual challenge, many of these expenses remain as overhead for our company.  During the pandemic, 3W has committed to paying its employees even after the PPP funding has run out.  You can read more about the 3W Races story on this website HERE.  In this particular challenge, rather than paying for physical race day amenities such as food and portojohns, that portion of registration fees has been redirected into shipping/handling/packaging and the $25 small business gift card give away!

Does 3W Races donate to charity?

Yes, each year, the 3W Races Ambassadors request donations from 3W to the charity of their choice and many thousands of dollars are donated in that manner! 

What does it mean to be a 'Charity Partner'?

Everyone of our 40+ races in Colorado is partnered with a humanitarian charity operating in the city where the race is held.  Our charity partners are hand selected by our staff and owners and each operation is toured by 3W representatives.  In many cases, our 3W Races Ambassadors and staff also spend time volunteering at our charity partner locations. We do NOT require additional participation from the charity as a condition to be featured as an event partner.  Most of the charities with whom we partner are already operating with bare-bones staffing/volunteers, so we do NOT tax them with a requirement to provide man-power for event production, etc.
Charity partners receive several benefits from association with 3W: 
1) Awareness.  Because we partner with ultra-local charities, many racers have not heard of the charity.  Participating with us, the charity gains exposure for their mission through website presence and the ability to be present on race day to meet participants.
2) Fundraising/Donations.  Each charity is set up to collect funds contributed by racers during the registration process.  This is completely optional and not forced upon the racer.  Funds donated go directly to the charity from the collection provider and do not pass through the race company.  In some cases, 3W provides incentives for donations, such as free race entry at certain levels, etc.

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